Online event: New investment screening regime in Denmark

14:30 - 17:00
The Confederation of Danish Industry, AmCham and Kromann Reumert invite you to our seminar on the upcoming investment screening regime in Denmark.
NOTE! This page is where you register for the online event that will be streamed live from our office in Copenhagen. If you wish to participate physically instead, please go here to register.
On May 4th, the Danish Parliament has passed a bill which introduces a cross-sectoral screening regime of foreign direct investments (FDIs). The Danish FDI Act will enter into force on 1 July 2021. The FDI screening regime addresses foreign investments in Danish companies, including mergers, acquisitions, minority investments, capital contributions or other transactions. Thus, the regulation will have significant impact on many Danish businesses, in particular those operating in "critical sectors" as well as foreign investors.
Our seminar offers an introduction to the new FDI screening regime, its practical implications for Danish businesses and foreign investors, and information about experience from similar regimes abroad.
Course certificate
Course certificates will be available on request. If you wish to receive one, please contact Mette Ladewig after the seminar.
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