Startup and Venture: Warrant programs

09:00 - 10:30
Join the webinar Startup and Venture: Warrant Programs to be held 2 June 2021.

Many startups and other growth companies are struggling to attract talent, incentivize employees to drive value creation, retain key employees and bridge gaps between the salary that the company can pay and the market salary for high-profile individuals. 

Warrants are commonly used to mitigate these obstacles. Warrants are financial instruments entitling the recipient to subscribe for shares in the company - under certain circumstances. Thereby, the employee can become a shareholder and get a stake in the value creation in the company. 

Warrant programs are a great tool which can be tailored to the needs of the companies; however, setting up such a program requires specialist experience and an understanding of relevant company law, tax law, employment law, M&A mechanics and contract drafting. 

This webinar is designed to give you a high-level insight into the considerations needed to set up a warrant program, and into the mechanics of warrant programs. The webinar will amongst others cover the 'who-when-how' of warrants and provide a basic introduction to the relevant tax schemes.

The webinar is hosted by Senior Attorney Ulrik A.W.L. Hedegaard and Attorney Amalie Paludan from Kromann Reumert's startup and venture group, who both have vast experience with warrant programs.

Target group

Founders, startups, scale-ups, other growth/venture companies, investors and business angels.


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