Kromann Reumert assists Nature Energy in its acuisition of HMN's gas filling stations

Kromann Reumert has assisted Nature Energy, the leading producer of biogas in Denmark, in connection with its acquisition of HMN's compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station business.

Following the acquisition, Nature Energy is the largest operator of compressed natural gas filling stations in Denmark. 

The acquisition consolidates Nature Energy's leading role in the transition from fossil fuels to green energy in the transport sector, which has a high biogas potential.

The case involved several of Kromann Reumert's legal specialist areas and demonstrates Kromann Reumert's abilities in the energy sector.


  • With the acquisition of HMN Naturgas' nine gas filling stations, Nature Energy is now owner of 15 of Denmark's 18 gas filling stations.
  • A biogas-powered bus saves society from up to 114 tonnes of CO2 a year compared to a diesel-powered bus.
  • Almost all busses and trucks in Denmark are powered by fossil fuels, especially diesel. Only 1.2% of all Danish busses run on alternative fuels, including biogas, electricity and hydrogen.
  • In the period towards 2030, 4,500 diesel-powered busses may be replaced by biogas-powered buses by natural turnover alone. It will reduce carbon emissions by up to 51,000 tonnes per year and improve air quality in the cities.

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