Free Corona IT & Outsourcing hotline

We are available to provide free, critical ITO guidance in an urgent, quickly evolving situation. Denmark has closed its borders 14 March (12:00 GMT+1) as a result of the Corona Pandemic.

It is a follow up on other measures taken by the Danish government and companies in Denmark as a result of the significant impact on businesses, we have formed a free Corona IT & Outsourcing hotline, providing every business with access to qualified legal guidance in challenging times, eg. to ensure ongoing availability of critical IT and core infrastructure. 

Please contact us at 

ITO challenges are many. As the situation develops, they may relate to

  • A need to stress test the IT supply chain/manage risks 
  • Contract breaches and instruments available to modify/suspend/avoid/enforce contract obligations 
  • The obligation to perform cover purchases/mitigate damages 
  • Applying MAC/force majeure, with or without contract clauses 
  • Assessing the interplay between choice of law clauses in downstream/upstream contracts in international IT supply chains 
  • and many others re: outsourcing contracts (on-p/cloud), data rights/obligations, (cyber) security arrangements, and IT contracts (unavailability of foreign IT professionals, meeting SLAs and performing critical error correction)