Legal Risk Radar

Maintaining a strong legal risk management setup and a corporate compliance programme designed to prevent harmful or illegal business conduct may sound simple, but most businesses find it a real challenge.

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Do you know which risks your company is exposed to?

As business increases in complexity, pace and connectivity, managing risk has become the cornerstone of informed decision-making. However, before you can take steps to manage risks, you need to first identify and assess the risks, including how those risks may interact with other potential risks.

How well do you understand your legal risk profile?

The Legal Risk Radar has been created to give you an indication of some of the potential risks to which your company is exposed and an understanding of their legal implications. The Legal Risk Radar is not intended to list exhaustively all of  legal risks to which your company may be exposed, it only brings to your attention some of the apparent risks within its 9 categories, giving you a clearer picture of where and how to benefit from a legal risk management process and strategy.


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